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The Power of the Handwritten Message

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Have you noticed an increase in the amount of unsolicited emails and mail you receive? Many companies have realised there is a strong need to send out marketing and promotional communications and stand out from competitors, but their message may be lost in the sea of content customers receive.

If you have become aware of how mass marketing efforts have become impersonal, you are in good company. The ancient method of handwritten notes could be the solution that will put your business in a strong strategic position. See how you can use the power of handwritten marketing to communicate with customers more effectively and increase engagement.

Personalize Your Message

Our modern technological advancements have enabled us to provide a greater amount of personalization than ever before, yet this potential is often ignored. With the connectivity of today’s world, businesses can simply order handwritten personalized messages to be delivered directly to customers at a large scale and in a more cost-effective way than previously available. Outsourcing your delivery of handwritten marketing to customers can be a practical and efficient method of increasing your response rates, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

Conducting targeted mass email campaigns, developing a unique and engaging social media presence, and sending direct mail marketing letters can all be components of a successful strategy, but there is a need for a unique method of communication to elevate your business relationships and connections. Making time to provide a handwritten follow up to a new or existing customer shows that you care about them, are willing to help meet a need, and it stands you out from others going along with the status quo.

Relationship Building with Customers

Customers are often thought of as simple consumers looking to fill their needs, but it is useful to realise that they are individuals, which their own unique characteristics and desires. One of the basic human desires is for connection, and in an increasingly impersonalized business environment customers may feel like they are just a number and that businesses do not care about them as people. Writing a handwritten letter, note, or postcard can show customers your thoughtfulness and consideration of them as individuals, that you value them, and that you will be able to help them meet their needs.

Acquire New Customers and Engage Existing Customers

Reaching out to people to help them become aware of who you are and how you can help them can pay off in a big way. Doing it through a personalized handwritten approach enables you to reach them more effectively than other traditional advertising methods. Thoughtfulness and personalization can provide a greater level of clarity to customers about the value you provide to them that others cannot compete with. This can create a positive emotional connection with your message and inspire them to imagine something they may not have previously considered.

To be most effective, you should make your handwritten messages simple and easy for people to understand. Using formats like brief paragraphs and bullet points can make your message clearer and more likely to reach busy customers with a limited attention and abundance of distractions.

Technological advances have forever changed how we communicate and conduct our business, but using the time-honored method of handwritten notes and letters can profoundly change the results you are having and be a refreshing delight. Make the decision today to start sending handwritten marketing to your customers and see how it pays off.


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