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Everything You Need to Know

Do you have business pricing or offer customized orders?

Yes we do! Orders may simply be placed online with our normal pricing. For larger orders or custom orders please fill out the form to contact us.

Do you only work with startups and new companies or can you help older, more established businesses as well?

We work with a wide array of companies and organizations who are in different stages of growth. No matter what industry you are in or what level your company is at, we can help you deliver handwritten messages that will engage your recipients.

How does Handwritten Marketing write messages?

We have highly sophisticated software and autonomous robotic writing technology that produce custom, individualized real pen written notes on your behalf. They hold a high-quality pen (in any color) and manually write each letter one at a time.

Can I use my own handwriting?

Yes! We have the ability to take your handwriting and convert it into its own font. To ensure that the writing is as similar as possible to yours we take 7-10 business days to convert your font. Our designers are very meticulous and thorough. There is a one-time fee and after that you are able to deliver messages in your own handwriting and no additional cost.

How fast do you write and mail orders?

Great question! Orders that do not require custom printed card stock and use our in-stock stationery can be started as fast as the same day. Orders that require custom-designed & printed stationery can take several business days. Depending on the order size we can ship the same day as completion. From there USPS typically delivers within 3-7 business days. For large orders and for more specific turnaround times please fill out our contact form. 

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