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Keep It Personal – 3 Reasons Why Handwritten Marketing Will Improve Your Company

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Handwritten Marketing is about making a real connection with your customers. We know that handwriting matters–it's one of the most effective ways to make something feel human. When you send handwritten letters, notes, or thank-you cards, people will think of you fondly, remember your brand, and are more likely to respond in kind.

1. Build Personal Relationships With Customers

Handwritten marketing is the art of strengthening customer relationships by making the effort to write -- by hand -- something pleasant, personalized & thoughtful. It can be as simple as a typed note, or as involved as a letter on perforated paper or an old school-type postcard. Anything that makes customers feel appreciated & special.

2. Improve Customer Retention

Handwritten marketing is one of the most effective methods of business communication. Based on extensive research, handwritten notes are 20 times more memorable than printed notes and 87% of consumers feel better about businesses that use handwritten notes. Not only will customers remember your company's name with handwritten marketing, they are also 52% more likely to buy again.

3. Increase Customer Response Rate

Handwritten marketing provides an affordable, efficient, and effective marketing solution. Many businesses report 80% increase in response from mailed marketing pieces compared to email. It's a great way to communicate with your customers from a personal viewpoint to deepen relationships and boost sales.

I'm not a fan of cold calling or blasting out messages with plenty of SPAM on them. Handwritten marketing is an alternative approach that I've used in my business over the years to surprisingly great results. More targeted, personal messages have increased client retention while developing lasting relationships.

Send handwritten notes across the country! Handwritten Marketing transforms your words into personalized mail. Whether you are promoting an event, store opening or sale, crowdfunding campaign, or other audience facing campaign, our unique experience combined with technology allows us to provide the message power of the handwritten word. We offer a combined set of customization tools so these messages can be addressed for personalized delivery to targeted groups.

Think handwritten marketing is old fashioned and ineffective? Think again. Our handwritten marketing services help you create a powerful and personal experience for your customers. We can combine your message with handwritten mail to create a unique campaign that captures the attention of recipients, adds value to their lives, and increases your sales.


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